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Order / Order free trial (1 month)

WocaBee is a new application, supporting students to learn foreign language words quickly, easily and effectively.

Teacher manages the class: adding word packages once or twice a week. Studentspass each package by the given deadline.
Teacher can see completed homework and assess each student individually.

Our web app means no installation is required

Works on every device – smartphone, tablet or computer

Uses artificial intelligence

Play and learn at the same time

Words pronounced clearly and loudly

List of supported languages:
Spanish, Czech, Slovak, Polish,
French, Russian, English, Croatian,
Hungarian, Italian, German, Esperanto

Lots of features and lots of fun

Wocabee is language independent, so it can be used for learning vocabulary of almost any foreign language.

Application (menu, labels, etc.) is currently available in: English, German, Czech, Polish, Slovak, Italian, Croatian and Hungarian language.

A new way of learning

Learn new words and have fun at the same time

Artificial intelligence

Wocabee uses algorithms to be as effective as possible.

A lot of features

Easy to use and nice overviews. Students can do homework or practice anytime and anywhere.

No installation required

Works on any device: smartphone, tablet, computer.

Wocabee is affordable for everyone.

Available now with a discounted price:

Price per student

(1 foreign language)

1.00 € / monthly

0.80 / monthly

(approx. GBP excl. of VAT)
    When you order 6 or more months

Price per student

(1 foreign language)

1.20 € / monthly

1.00 / monthly

(approx. GBP excl. of VAT)
    When you order 5 or less months

Prices above exclude VAT

Teachers use the app free of charge.

Teacher(s) can collect the fee from students. The app can be also purchased by the school.

How to order WocaBee?

1 - The customer (e.g. class teacher or school director) fills in the order form and processes the payment for WocaBee subscription

2 - Full support and instructions for teacher and students are sent by email.

3 - Students sign in independently to WocaBee and assign the class(es) by entering the acces code(s).

4 - Teacher can create the first package of words, so having fun & gaining vocabulary with WocaBee can begin.

Order / Order free trial (1 month)

They told about us

Slávka Detková
teacher of German

"Since we started using WocaBee, students have shown a greater interest in foreign language classes. It has also reflected positively in their results. As a teacher, I also appreciate nice overviews and knowing which foreign words are causing the most learning difficulties for my students."

Andrea Srnová
teacher of English and German

"Students love WocaBee. Not only is it a new way for students to learn foreign words, but also gives them the chance to practice right before a test. In the past, they had to learn vocabulary from a workbook. Now you can learn while having fun. Your students will race and try to be the best because of the ranking within the class."

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